Actor, Browny Igboegwu rages, gets physical after a ‘drink poison’ prank was pulled on him

Nollywood actor, Browny Igboegwu obviously lost his cool after being pranked by content creator, Untouchable.

In the clip, Untouchable and Browny were spotted drinking in a bar when the former stepped out while leaving his drink with Browny.

In a matter of seconds, a man came out from nowhere and accused the actor of poisoning Untouchable’s drink. Browny who was still in disbelief challenged the lad over such an accusation but things got heated when the man trickily brought out a substance while alleging that it was from Browny.

The actor who wasn’t having it landed slaps/punches on the body of the accuser and even attempted to descend on a lady who acted as the bartender because she joined forces against him.

To prove his innocence,  Browny was asked to sip Untouchable’s drink but he refused due to the fact that a substance was already added to it by the accuser while he tried demonstrating what he claimed Browny did.

The actor was later told it was a prank and in reaction, he smash a bottle on the floor while promising to deal with Untouchable and his partner who were laughing.

Watch the video below:

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