A polygamous man and his two happy wives show off their family

Polygamous man cause buzz online as he dances with his two wives who reveals that they are all living happily together.

It was posted on the video sharing platform, TikTok, by one of the wives, @marafat_01.

She claimed they were a happy couple who had no problems despite the usual negative reviews surrounding polygamous families in Nigeria.

“The man married his spec twice” — Polygamous man dances happily with his two wives
The happy polygamous family.

Despite her claims, some Netizens condemned the idea of two women sharing one husband, stating that it usually ends up in bad blood and quarrels.

Here are some reactions to the video below

@Livelifewithme observed: “He definitely has a type…the ladies look alike”

@Ago Go Ayo_1 stated: “happy in social media😁😁, the rest is a story”

@nakiah52 opined: “There no such thing as happy polygamous couples that thing does not exist. Two women sharing one man is not okay.”

@shammugah commented: “The man married his spec twice 😂”

@Mamacita_Official asked: “Why do you feel they are only happy on social media some polygamy home are actually sweet when there husband is a capable man he will make everyone okay and do his right on his wives💯”

@auntisidi replied: “Too much skin to skin, all of them don dey look like siblings.”

Watch video here


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