65 Malmesbury prisoners recaptured

Justice and Correctional Services Minister Ronald Lamola has praised Malmesbury communities for helping the officials rearrest 65 of the 68 inmates who escaped from Malmesbury Correctional Centre on Friday.
He applauded the community members bravery.

Although, three fugitives are still on the run.

Some of the recaptured inmates considered dangerous have been transferred to maximum security facilities.

Lamola said the community members actions showed that crime can be beaten if they work together with the state because, nothing can defeat such partnership.

β€œWhen communities sprang into action across the areas, it was a true reflection of a united South Africa, standing together against those breaking the law. It is a sign that we can build a very common and peace-loving nation as a society when we are together.

β€œWith the 48 hours reaction time, it has also proven that, when communities work with the police, correctional services and all sectors of society, crime can be beaten.

β€œThis country can be safe and free of gangsterism, thuggery, armed robbery and any violent activity, including gender-based violence,” said Lamola.

Lamola believes this kind of partnership can make a difference in the country. He appreciated all the community members for their heroic deeds as he confirmed that both the police and the correctional services officials would not have been able to rearrest the large number of escapees without their help.

He hopes this form of partnership continues.

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