2Face is right, Annie is just trying to play victim – Uche Ebere backs singer on men being cheats

Nigerian actress, Uche Ebere has faulted Annie Macaulay-Idibia who is her colleague and wife to veteran singer, 2Face after the latter justified men who cheat.

It was earlier reported that the singer, during the ongoing Young, Famous and African reality show, explained that men cheat due to their desire to satisfy some of their natural urges – this had incensed his wife who tackled him.

Veteran actress, Uche Ebere who reacted in defense of 2face, explained that there are some certain truth that remains regardless of who says it.

According to her, while what Tuface had said is true, she is however against him saying it in the presence of his wife.

She suggested that rather than answering, Tuface should simply have avoided the question because it was asked in his wife’s presence. Uche Ebere wrote:

“Many people pretends a lot on this app, truth is truth no matter who Is saying it, tuface is right but I’m against saying it in the presence of his wife, which makes the wife trying to play victim and trying to take it personal from her facial reaction, he would have avoided the question instead”

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