+18 I Told My Girlfriend This About Her Body, Now She Is Very Angry With Me

Hello Everyone,
It is really hard to please women. I don’t know what else to do to make my woman happy.

I didn’t meet my girlfriend a virgin. I knew she had another guy, then I later found out she was doing runs as a side hustle.

Now I still didn’t judge her. I trusted her. I loved her and told her I will take care of her but she needs to stop doing hookup.

Anyways, The problem now is whenever we have sex it is always a frustrating encounter cause my girlfriend is really open down there. Like really open. Your rod can lost inside it. Even worse when you use condoms. You don’t feel anything.

While I am ontop of her I can see her disappointment of me not enjoying it.

I recently tried to make her happy and told her she is still sweet in the middle and the ladies with tight ones hurt my manhood.

To my surprise she left the house angrily and has refused to talk to me ever since.

Guys, Pls Did I Do Anything Wrong?
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