15 Horror Movie Villains That Folks Online Think They Would Survive 24 Hours With

Isn’t it interesting to see the most extreme and absurd ways to earn money? For example, the idea of an unknown wealthy cousin dying and leaving their entire estate to you is intriguing but extremely unlikely.

Or, as one Redditor asked others, what if you have 24 hours to escape a chosen horror movie monster in exchange for $3 billion?

As far as we know, horror villains do not exist, so it’s just a fun fantasy game. And individuals online did not disappoint with their responses to this game, so let’s take a scary yet manageable journey through them.

1. I’ll go with Candyman. I can avoid saying Candyman three times in 24 hours. How hard can it be to not say Candyman?

Image source: Pavlock, Fear: The Home Of Horror

2. The predator. I’m weak and a woman no predator would risk being made fun of for killing such a pathetic prey.

Image source: BB-biboo, 20th Century Studios

3. Probably the ring, she takes like 7days to show up. I don’t even have to change my habits.

Image source: foefyre, Movieclips

4. Tempted to say the babadook bc i could just buy and feed him worms, so I not only get the money, but also an insanely awesome and relatively cheap pet.

Image source: EponaVegas, Rotten Tomatoes Trailers

5. I think I’d go with Death Bed: The Bed That Eats, from 1977’s *Death Bed: The Bed That Eats,* because Death Bed: The Bed That Eats is a bed.

Image source: me_hill, George Barry, Maureen Petrucci

6. Jaws. I don’t live near the sea. .

Image source: AlbionChap, IMAX

7. How about Gremlins?

Image source: Beliriel, Movieclips

They’re basically cute furies unless you give them water. And even if, they’re mostly annoying, I could definitely take one of them for 24 hours but chilling with the “cute” version doesn’t sound so bad either.


8. Paul Reiser’s character from Aliens. He’s the real villain of the movie, not the Alien Queen, and I think I could take him.

Image source: Gyrgir, Rotten Tomatoes Classic Trailers

9. Zombies. I can hide from a Zombie for 24hrs.

Image source: lamabaronvonawesome, The Walking Dead

10. Cujo except my car actually runs.

Image source: Lithuim, Movieclips

11. I’ll take the aliens from Signs. Catch me in the lazy river with a super soaker.

Image source: etherealcaitiff, Rotten Tomatoes Classic Trailers

12. I have actually thought about this a lot ever since I read Christine way too young. I think it will be quite easy to stay safe from a possessed car.

Image source: Guzz15, Park Circus

13. The killer from scream bc it’s literally just a guy in a mask. Get some pepper spray and I’m golden.

Image source: PreviousBus4353, Paramount Pictures

14. Selma hayak in From dusk to dawn. If she catches me I’m not sure that ends badly…. I mean it’s Selma hayak…..

Image source: HVAC_instructor, Movieclips

15. Easy. Regina George from “Mean Girls”.

Image source: hey_ross, Paramount Movies

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