Advice To Upcoming Artistes

Advice To Upcoming Artistes

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Dear Upcoming Artiste,

Am not against u putting your songs/tracks on digital stores, but one thing you must ask yaself is “how many people download my tracks for free? did i get up to 100 to 200 downloads on a particular track?”..

Y’all think because digital stores are worldwide so you’ll easy get known….and like Jet lie movies the fame will just come easily…..Nope, it doesnt work that way…..People hardly buy A list artiste tracks on “Digital Stores” gan….we wait for the free link….not to mention of an upcoming act….

Lol..some artiste wey no dey even get up to 10 downloads per track sef they shout “Digital stores” “digital stores”…… i aint criticizing tho…

my advice is:

1: build your fanbase…either with upcoming blogs, top blogs or social medias…

2: promote ya stuffs

3: Hype your tracks (to me i think serious and hardworking upcoming bloggers are very good in this aspect than the top blogs).

4: Drop a good track (very good stuff) that will surely be on the lips of your fans, friends n loved ones. Pass a message through ya songs… and make it trend.

cos some upcoming acts have really discouraged me on downloading their tracks because some just spit rubbish in their tracks..trying to compare themselves with A list artistes…. top artiste do “shaku shaku” tracks wey no dey even pass messages but yet their fans ignore it cos they’ve won the heart of their fans..back to back….

i know some up and coming artistes who have good songs with messages and good flows, punchlines and barz… i love them and sometimes upload their songs for free on my blog..

Tho, putting your tracks on top blogs or upcoming blogs aint gonna guarantee you fame, cos na God they blow person..

God bless our hustle….

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